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Unfortunately, it's hard to catch anyone who is jumping.
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After a day at the Taj Mahal, who wouldn’t want a plate of Tit Bits?

CATEGORIES: Accidentally R-rated, Lost in Translation, Misguided Menus

3 Alternative captions

  1. Littlemissmagic
    Posted 21 Dec 2011 at 9:44 am | Permalink

    Tit bits is a another phrase for canapes in England.

  2. Whatchamacallit
    Posted 12 Feb 2012 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    As Littlemissmagic says, Tit Bits are basically the same thing as canapés. Still sounds funny, though.

  3. chas
    Posted 30 May 2012 at 2:10 am | Permalink

    Yes ur both right…but we look at these 4 humor not education

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