User Agreement

Please read the following legal statements and check the accept box at the bottom of the register page before uploading your photo.

1. I am the photographer of the photo(s) I submitted to Signspotting and I currently hold all copyright in the photo and have not breached anyone else’s rights by taking or submitting the photo.

2. If I have digitally altered or manipulated the photo or the actual sign, I have ticked the box that says “Manipulated” in the section called “Categorize your sign.”

3. I agree to indemnify and hold you and any assignee or sublicensee of you harmless from injury resulting from the breach of any of my representations and agreements.

4. I grant you a worldwide, transferable, irrevocable license to use the photo in any manner for any purpose in any medium, including but not limited to commercial and promotional uses in newspapers, magazines, websites, CD Roms, TV, electronic media, exhibitions, in book form and any merchandising. This license is exclusive for 18 months (from the first date of publication on this website) and non-exclusive in perpetuity in exchange for the chance to win any prize/s offered and includes the royality-free worldwide right to sublicense the photo for any purpose in any medium in perpetuity.

5. I consent to you and your sublicensees attaching any wording (in any language) to the photo, making additions or alterations to the photo in any medium, and attributing or not attributing the photo to you when it is used under paragraph 4, despite any moral rights that may otherwise apply.

6. The parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the State of Minnesota, USA, and further agree that this agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Minnesota, excluding its conflicts of law, principles, or the provisions of the Conventions for the International Sale of Goods.

7. I grant Signspotting and any assignee the right to pursue any person, company, or organization due to an infringement of copyright in any Image, and agree to provide assistance to Signspotting as reasonably required by Signpspotting. If Signspotting takes legal proceedings at its own expense, Signspotting will be entitled to retain the entire proceeds recovered in those proceedings. Signspotting will be under no obligation to take any action in the event of infringement.

8. I understand the Grand Prize offered by Signspotting for the best photo of the year may change annually and that, if my photo wins the Grand Prize, I may win a prize different from the one offered when I initially submitted my photo. Each year Signspotting will try to ensure the best possible Grand Prize for the winner.

9. I understand it is possible that more than one person may photograph the same sign and submit it. If this occurs, Signspotting reserves the right to choose which photo it will use, and will only reward the photographer of the photo that is used.

10. I understand that a sign’s presence on’s rating pages website, even if it is “top rated,” does not automatically qualify it for prizes.